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Mosi Brown Tech Recruitment

Permanent Recruitment Service
Are you in need of a talented individual to join your team long-term?

Our Permanent Recruitment service is designed to deliver a reliable and dedicated approach to finding the perfect candidate for your company.

With our focus on sourcing individuals in the following disciplines:

• IT Infrastructure & Cloud,
• IT Operations Management,
• IT Service Management
• IT Security,

Delivering results that match your needs.

Executive Search Service

Do you want to go further than the Permanent Search?


Our Executive Search is a unique and thorough recruitment process that is reflective of an enhanced search. We provide a full view of the market while targeting key potential hires to help you find the right person for your role. Our experienced recruiters use their industry knowledge to connect you with the best candidates in the market guiding you through each step of the bespoke service:


  • Market Analysis

  • Market Mapping

  • Targeted selection of candidates

  • Bespoke recruitment process

Working with you as part of your business.

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